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8 Essential skills you need to be a great copywriter

Copywriters are multi-skilled marketing professionals, who have a unique set of skills that allows them to write and create promotional content that resonates with targeted audiences and brings in a solid return on investment (ROI). But what are these skills?

As I promised in “What is copywriting and what do copywriters ACTUALLY do?”.

Here is the low down on what I think are the 8 most essential skills you will need as a copywriter.

When selecting these skills, I kept in mind what I thought I needed most to successfully perform my job. As a result, I selected skills that I believe are essential for anyone aspiring to become a confident and competent copywriter.

Before we jump into them I want to say this as a disclaimer: this list is purely from my perspective and I urge you to consider this list as a foundation rather than an all-inclusive guide. And keep in mind that copywriting is a career that offers you many opportunities for growth and specialization beyond these essentials.

Probably the most obvious skill you’ll need as a copywriter is good writing skills. At the heart of this profession, you should be able to create high-quality content that has good grammar, accurate spelling, and a consistent tense and tone of voice.
Research forms a big part of a copywriter’s day. To write about something you’ll need to learn about it, understand it, and find insights to help structure your content and provide accurate information.
There is a long list of tasks that require copywriters to have great communication skills. For example, copywriters will sometimes be required to hold interviews with colleagues, clients, or even customers for research purposes. This could be for a marketing campaign, blog post, or social media content. No matter what it is, you’ll need great communication skills.
Copywriters usually form part of a marketing team, and if not, are always working on advertising content that forms part of a brand’s marketing effort. To successfully do this task copywriters need to understand all the different aspects of what great marketing is, how it can be effective, and why it’s being done.
As digital takes over much of traditional media, SEO is becoming more important. By understanding the best ways to optimize website content, copywriters can create better visibility and viability of a brand through SEO best practices.
As a copywriter, you’ll need to have the emotional intelligence or as I say, EQ, to create content that’s not targeted to yourself. Having emotional intelligence can allow you to empathize with your target audience, step into their shoes, and better understand their needs and wants. This is extremely important if you want your content to resonate and your call-to-actions to be effective.
Like in most creative disciplines, including copywriting, you will need to get creative. This skill will allow you to write interesting copy and come up with innovative ideas for marketing campaigns. And not to mention that, like you, other creatives are constantly creating new innovations. You’ll need to be able to keep up with these and stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

Paying attention to the small details is essential to being a copywriter. The smallest things like keeping a constant tense and accurate spelling contribute to being a well-rounded and strong copywriter that your company and client can rely on.

Many of these skills can take time to develop and you don’t need to be perfect at every single one. But it is important to work on your weaker spots so that you can grow into an even better copywriter, that offers employers the full package.

And once you’ve mastered these skills, I encourage you to expand your repertoire. There is so much to learn and master as a copywriter. In fact, I believe copywriting is a career of perpetual learning. Think about it: technology and new marketing strategies are popping up all the time and there will always be new aspects to explore and skills to master.

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