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Doom’s TSEK

The over-spraying of bug spray is extremely dangerous and leads to several negative side effects due to insecticide poisoning.
It’s a natural human response to get trigger-happy with bug spray, but it’s not safe and in reality, one spray is enough to kill the bug.

Our team’s goal was to create a campaign for Doom that got people excited about only needing to spray a little bit. To do this we decided to use the sound of one single spray (because that’s all you need). This is where the “Tsek” concept and campaign was born. Tsek, short for voetsek, is a South African slang word or saying meaning to shoo something away. By using this fun onomatopoeia people can be reminded of the need for only one single spray. A social media lead campaign was launched to spark conversations and spread the message.

In addition to this, the original campaign featured a radio script, but this was not included in the project when it was nominated for the Pendoring Awards in 2022.

Radio advert
Social media campaign