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Navigational apps don’t take into account unsafe areas. They cause many new drivers to blindly follow the route that leads them down the wrong road and into high-crime areas.
There is a gap in the market for a navigational app that provides safe routes for young drivers. Gen Z’ers are the newest and most naive drivers on the road, and their nostalgia around Garmin allows them to connect with the brand and trust them.
Many Gen Z’ers remember Garmin being the way their parents got around. Keeping them and their families safe. Even though Garmin has since moved on from navigation, it’s still what a large number of people think of when they think of Garmin. By offering young drivers safe routes, they can ensure they remain loyal to Garmin, and choose them as their go-to navigational app. The campaign displaces that Garmin was in their life once, and even though they may have gone many years without them, they will continue guiding them on the roads now that they can drive.
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