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According to the Human Dignity Trust, there are still 65 countries that criminalize LGBT+ people around the world. This poses a significant problem for individuals who travel to these countries, as it increases the risk of harm, punishment, and legal consequences for those who identify as LGBT+.
No site offers a 100% accurate, and all-exclusive experience for LGBT+ people to gather information on the different countries, cities, and towns they wish to visit. Without a site like this, it becomes more time-consuming for LGBT+ people to find the right destination, and it still doesn’t ensure they can limit their risk due to misinformation, and unreliable sources.
Create a safe, informative, and accurate space for the LGBT+ community to get informed about different counties’ safety and legal requirements. is the perfect site and company to provide this. With their years of experience, user-friendly interface, and travel expertise, they possess a unique ability to provide accurate information that can help inform LGBT+ people. This campaign includes a website extension, a special and memorable symbol, and a community program that enables fellow LGBT+ individuals to connect and share safe locations that are discreetly available.
Social media, peer-driven, and symbol-focused campaign
Website extension
Community driven forum